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‘Snatch the Power:’ Queer Archivist and Historian Visits NC State

On Monday, April 1, the GLBT Center hosted Josh Burford, queer archivist and historian, as their Week of Action keynote speaker. Burford’s background as an activist-turned-archivist followed suit with the Week of Action’s theme of advocacy around intersectional social justice issues. He specifically discussed the history of radical queer activism and the future of queer advocacy work. Burford stated that his archival work stemmed from the lack of queer history in education systems.“There’s an ongoing problem,” Burford said. “Queer people don’t have access to their history. Less than 17% of all students…have access to any kind of queer history. That’s in the entire United States.”

Social Justice January Goes “Beyond the Buzzwords”

On January 23, Campus Community Centers will join together to host the annual Social Justice January, a day dedicated to teaching members of the campus community about various subjects relating to social justice and activism. There will be four workshops held between 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the community centers on main campus. This year’s theme is “Beyond the Buzzwords.”

Fighting Transphobia With Awareness

In modern American politics, transgender people may be one of the most persecuted groups in our society. Their rights are constantly assaulted by transphobic lawmakers too scared of their existence; they face a society that is still too stuck in traditional values to accept them for who they are; and now, they…

Sophie Labelle Delivers GLBT History Month Keynote

“Advocating Through Narrative: A Conversation with Comic Artist Sophie Labelle” highlighted Sophie Labelle’s experience as a transgender comic artist. Sophie Labelle served as the keynote speaker for the GLBT Center’s celebration of GLBT History Month.

Artivism: Resistance and Healing Through Art

The GLBT Center and the African American Cultural Center (AACC) partnered to host the opening reception of “Artivism: Advocacy and Activism through Art,” an exhibit showing from October 15th to November 4th in the AACC Gallery in Witherspoon Student Center.

“My Art is Resistance” Celebrates Student’s Activist Art

“I come to art from a place of believing in the power of agitational propaganda,” said Q Wideman, a fourth-year studying art and design, explaining the inspiration for their art. “Pretty much everything out there that’s visual and that is art is pushing some agenda. There’s no such thing as political neutrality.”