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  • Trevor Jenkins, a sophomore studying finance, busts a move while Ade Adesina, a sophomore studying communications, Tsharre Sanders, a senior studying psychology and Yerson Padilla, a senior studying women and gender studies look on during the Pan Afrikan Pride event held on the Brickyard Wednesday.  The event was held to promote Pan Afrikan Week through giving out free pizza, soda and chips as well as free T-shirts.  Sanders said that the purpose of the event was to "bring people together."
    Apr 13 2016

    What Pan-Afrikan means to NC State

    Chauncey Bowden | Staff Writer Pan-Afrikan week at NC State first began in 1970, making this year the 46th year anniversary of the event. It means many different things for many different people, but I’d argue that for most, it represents coming together and celebrating our history. This years theme was “Rooted”. It is important […]

  • Nyna N Headshotweb
    Mar 30 2016

    Solo play: Achieving self love through masturbation

    Nyna Nickelson | Correspondent Why is it when thinking about sex and love, the most important person is often left out: yourself? Sure when daydreaming we think of ourselves with that special someone doing the deed, but we hardly imagine ourselves, alone. After all real love involves another person, right? Wrong! Real love begins with […]

  • Anahzsa Headshotweb
    Mar 30 2016

    The not sex talk we need to have

    Anahzsa Jones | Correspondent As a 20 year old female college student that has chosen abstinence, I know a thing or two about the subject. It’s not the most popular decision, and it definitely isn’t a hot topic for conversation. It seems like people are no longer scared to talk about sex, they’re scared to […]

  • Tiara George Headshot
    Mar 16 2016

    What diversity looks like at our university

    Tiera George | Correspondent On any given day at North Carolina State University, you are bound to see hundreds of students hustling and bustling through the campus. However, what you will not see on the NC State campus is a multitude of students of color. Sprinkled in for a dash of flavor like the cayenne pepper […]