Question: What do you think of Dr. Carson as a presidential candidate? Do you think he’s fit to lead this nation?

Danielle Schmidt: Senior in Communication

From what I’ve seen on social media and through the debates that I’ve watched, I do not believe he is fit because I don’t see eye to eye with his views. A lot of his views seem to be pushing society in the wrong direction when we need to be moving forward. He said women need to be “re-educated” and he also agrees with Trump that Obama is a Muslim. I don’t agree with either of those things.”


Jeremiah Olaniyan: Senior in Marketing and International Economy

I’m not going to vote for a Republican for a long long time, not until they change their views. As for Ben Carson, he doesn’t seem like the best option out of all of the Republican candidates. A black republican seems like an oxymoron and even though he is intelligent, he doesn’t have a lot of political experience.”


Lindsey Mull: Senior in Communication

I really like that he has helped kids in the past. He was a pediatric neurosurgeon in the past and I don’t know much about his beliefs, but I feel like he has to be a good person. He has helped so many families in the past, I think he could possibly do good things for the country…but at the same thing, I know I don’t agree with some of the things he has said.”