Taari Coleman | Staff Writer

The time of year has come for another Talley Party. Thrown by the the Society of Afrikan American Culture, SAAC, the parties used to be a long-standing tradition on campus in the old Talley Student Union building. In 2011, the final Talley Party was held as the building shut down for refurbishment.

With its reopening last year, SAAC Presented ‘The Return of the Talley Party.’ Faculty was tentative, but the student turnout was higher than expected and everyone was excited to revive the custom and welcome the new Talley.

Marcus Zeigler, president of SAAC and a senior in textile technology, is thrilled about the prospects for this year. Having attended three of the Talley Parties so far, and assisting with the planning of the party in 2014, he is excited to see what this year will bring. Last year having gone so well, university faculty is on board and capacity has even been increased.

The Talley Party is a way to include all people on campus, a “school-wide get-together,” Zeigler said, as well as a way to raise funds for and awareness about the organization.

This year’s party will have a 90s theme, and will include a 90s dance contest and a backdrop on which the attendees can take pictures.

Zeigler plans to post all of the pictures to Instagram and hopes it will be a way to connect students to each other, even after the party ends, as well as a way to expand SAAC as a whole.

“I’m hoping to see more people at the general body meeting this Thursday,” said Zeigler.

The party will be held in the Talley Ballroom from 10pm until 2am. Tickets are available via the links on Zeigler and SAAC’s social media platforms.


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