This years Martin Luther King Commemoration speaker features Mr. Morris Dees. While the death of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weighs a heavy toll on the many African Americans who fought for equal rights in the fifties and sixties; Students are proud to say leaders on campus are anticipating the commemoration ceremony and hope that just like during the Civil Rights Movement there will continue to be a change and equality.

Morris Seligman Dees, Jr. who was born December 16, 1936, was the co-founder of the SPLC or better know as the Southern Poverty Law Center. The center helped take down racist organizations locally and nationally and took on many cases that involved discrimination and further hindered the push for change. With a long history of educational law behind him, he comes to join the many anticipating students to honor the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“This is what I have been waiting for, to notice these influential African American figures on a predominantly white campus shows we do have a voice. We should recognize important figures from every culture whether they have a day to themselves or not but this is a great start if you ask me and I will be there to hear Morris Dees speak.” Said Maritza Adonis, junior in biological sciences.
The event will bring back what many say was hard to find: an eye opener on equality. While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is gone his spirit and message to the world still lingers in the back of our minds and chants the words many knew and still remember so long ago: “I have a dream.” Dees will speak on behalf of Dr. Martin Luther King and aid in helping revisit the civil rights movement and help explain how the movement has changed the world and how we see it today.