Christopher Lynn’s Guide to Style


Christopher Lynn | Campus Style Correspondent


The fashion world can be a very judgmental place, and unfortunately, so can I. There is a very fine line between stylish and tacky, bringing the need for this section. But before I delve into the subject at hand, I must introduce myself.

I, Christopher Lynn, am a junior at North Carolina State University majoring in Fashion Textile Management, with a concentration in Brand Development. Growing up, I was always one of the more fashionable kids on the playground, and that progressed as I got older. I used to bask in the labels and compliments, but as I grew up, I matured and learned to shy away from the attention. Now, as a 20-year-old college student, I take a more leisurely and natural approach to fashion. There are very few things that collectively peeve me, but when it comes to fashion, those same peeves become numerous.

Fashion is a very tricky arena. What is in style now may not be tomorrow. Two basic principles can be fine separately, but when meshed together can be horrendous. If I see someone breaking the rules on campus, I take offense, shake my head, and then laugh at their “effort.”

There are three major faux pas I see among my peers. With the start of another school year, there is one thing I always see: students overdressed the first week of class. I mean, sure you want to make a good impression, but I should not see you wearing your club dress and heels at 8:30 a.m. We are a student body, not students at Bodi night club.

Secondly, leopard print is in, lace accents are in, but wearing leopard print bottoms and a lace top is not the business. Print on print is overkill. Outfits tend to have “statement pieces,” which is the focal point. They tend to be the most prominent, dynamic, and striking element of your ensemble. However, wearing more than one statement piece leaves me with more than one question.

Last, but certainly not least, is the decision to wear Jordans too soon. The Fire Red IVs dropped August 4th, there is no way I should see them on your feet a week later. Along with wearing your shoes too soon, know the occasion before you get dressed. I should not have seen that many icy soles on a grassy field at the Back to School Jam. This goes into a bigger problem with knowing the weather before getting dressed. Apparently, Jordan XIs seem to be the galoshes of N.C. State’s campus.

If any these are applicable to you, I am sorry to put you in the Haute Seat.