Author: kalibailey

Shelia E. Rocks Stage for Aggies

*This article was contributed by the A&T Register and is the first in our new section, Campus Connections, which will seek to provide Nubian Message Readers with a sense of what is happening on Historically Black campuses*...

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The Haute Seat

Christopher Lynn | Staff Writer Social networking outlets are at an all-time high in popularity in the African-American community right now. The one currently sweeping the nation is called “Instagram.” Instagram is a...

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The Fraud Surrounding Voter Fraud

DeErricka Green | Staff Writer A billboard that has been spotted in African American, Hispanic and low income neighborhoods of Cleveland, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, as well as parts of Pennsylvania reads, “Voter fraud is a felony!...

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“Un-Tapped” Resources

Robert Marshall | Staff Writer Celibacy is one of those terms that is often used and misused, misinterpreted and miscommunicated. For some it is simply abstaining from sex until marriage, while for others it is a temporary...

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