Christopher Lynn | Staff Writer

Social networking outlets are at an all-time high in popularity in the African-American community right now. The one currently sweeping the nation is called “Instagram.” Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that launched about two years ago. In September of this year, it was reported that Instagram had about 100 million users. Now, with every new social networking site, there is always an upward popularity climb, a peak, and a downward spiral. It’s safe to say that Instagram is just beginning it’s downward spiral.

If there’s one thing we as black people do is stay up with trends and brag about what we have. Instagram is the perfect enabler for both. While on Twitter users can say, “I just cooked some spaghetti. It was love,” on Instagram pictures tell more of a Ramen Noodle and ketchup struggle story.

On Twitter, one can say, “Me and my girls steppin’ out tonight.” On Instagram users can use the   above caption, but post a picture that reveals, “Me and my girls dressing up like ‘the YMCA Village People, thinking we’re cute.”

Party promoters have also taken advantage of the Instagram phenomena. Now instead of simply tweeting, “This party is turnt up,” they can Instagram a photo that shows four to five dudes sitting on a couch, sharing a bottle of Mr. Boston. I could go on & on with the examples, but I think you get the idea.

Above all else, Instagram is an outlet for low budget  “models” with low self-esteem. A major difference between Instagram “models” and real models are that real models do not take their own pictures, nor do they pay photographers to do so.

Also, saying “No Filter” doesn’t count when you look like you just dove face first into the MAC counter at Crabtree.

As a person wielding a penis, taking a daily “selfie,” or self-portrait constitutes as suspect. Waking up in the morning, taking a picture with those half-squint eyes, trying to look good is not the move, no matter how many “likes” it gets. Also, if you’re a “sneakerhead,” please stop rotating the same five to seven pairs of sneakers. Taking pictures of your only nugget of “loud” just screams out to me, “I overpaid for some mid-grade, sprayed with Windex & lemon juice to stunt for Instagram.” But above all else, I need for my fellow brethren to stop falling into the thirst traps. No explanation or punchline needed for this one.

To everyone digitizing their ignorance, I welcome you to the Haute Seat.