Robert Marshall | Staff Writer

Celibacy is one of those terms that is often used and misused, misinterpreted and miscommunicated. For some it is simply abstaining from sex until marriage, while for others it is a temporary decision; just waiting for someone who “feels right.” There remains another small faction, though, to which celibacy bears a different meaning. It is an action of showing allegiance to their religion or God; it is taking the time to build meaningful relationships and holding off on the physical until some predetermined point, often marriage.

In a recent interview with Global Grind, Devon Franklin, Senior Vice President of Colombia Pictures, spoke about his decision to become celibate, and how that commitment lasted for more than ten years until his recent marriage to actress, Meagan Good. Franklin who is also a preacher said that he couldn’t speak on living one lifestyle and actually be  living another. He had to make the difficult decision to stop in accordance to God’s will.

Franklin is just 33-years-old which would mean he was around my age, 22-23 years old, when he made the decision to give up one of life’s great pleasures, in exchange for a life he found more fitting for a man of God. Being 22-years-old, it may be hard to imagine giving up sex, but it is a trend I have seen emerging among my peers, especially among the female population.

In my conversations, the role of sex has changed from simple physical pleasure to a more meaningful emotional connection. The goal is no longer just “Chasing O-s.” The fun is fleeting and it is becoming something much more powerful, a form of expression.