Dear NCSU community,

Don’t embrace the hate.

Last Monday night, October 17, 2011, the exterior of the GLBT center on our campus was vandalized. “Fags burn, and DIE” symbolized hate, as they were the spray painted words used to vandalized a center, hurt members of a community, and embarrass our university.

Action must be taken. It is not fair to members of our GLBT community. We are all neighbors with commonalities and differences. We must embrace the differences, but not the hate. People are entitled to their views and opinions, therefore, any action taken must not seek to change the views and opinions of others; but to influence the behaviors of those that act out of hate and intolerance.

Martin Luther King, Jr.said it best, “the greatest tragedy of this age will not be the vitriolic words and deeds of the children of darkness, but the appalling silence of the children of light.” Let us be the children of light. Let us have the courage that the vandals lack. Let us not be silent.

It is not acceptable to deface the campus community with hate, nor is it acceptable to tolerate that hate.

Don’t tolerate the hate.

Wake up! It’s serious.

Mario Terry 

African American Student Advisory Council