The pure white tile reflects the light

as the cool air hits my bare skin.

I step inside my marbled safe haven,

Hotter, Hotter, Hotter! 

I am comforted by a blanket of warmth 

as today’s thoughts disappear into a light mist.

I can feel the tension being released,

Hotter, Hotter, Hotter!

The steam fills all of my senses 

clouding my mind with heat.

My skin begins to sting,

Hotter, Hotter, Hotter!

Burn away the stress!

Melt away today’s mishaps!

Turn me cherry red like my inner demons!

Hotter, Hotter, Hotter!

My skin stings with every drop of water,

the sensation brings me pure joy!

My body has been cleaned and my mind reset.

Finally, everything is perfect.