Firstly, I would like to say that when we demanded that you released a statement, we were hoping that you would at least be truthful. Releasing a statement without condemning and addressing the wrongdoings of your current administration and administrations of the past is meaningless. These acts of racism, discrimination, and harm are not isolated incidents, you are not separated from the masses.

You claim that “As the state’s largest public university, we have the responsibility to educate ourselves and those who pass through our doors to overcome ignorance, unite against intolerance, model inclusivity, and advance the dignity and power of diversity.” 

So now I ask you, Chancellor Randy, how exactly are we doing this? Are we doing this by allowing well known white supremacists a platform to speak on our campus? By flooding our campus with law enforcement and endangering the lives of the students you claim to care about? By allowing racial slurs to be routinely spray painted in the free expression tunnel? By allowing people to post white supremacist flyers saying “It’s okay to be white,” “#WHITEGENOCIDE,” and “The Media Will Call This Hate. Why? Because They Hate White People” on our newsstands and across campus for multiple years? By allowing students to say racists things in group chats like “Sullivan Squad” and never face repercussions? By canceling Diversity Education Week (DEW)? By attempting to dismantle one of the largest hubs for Black life on campus, the Black Male Initiative (BMI) Village? 

In case you’ve forgotten or don’t believe me, here’s a link with a BRIEF overview of NC State’s history of failing Black Students. 

“NC State’s greatest strength is its people — all its people — and their diversity of thought and experience. It is on each and all of us to fight injustice and advance a truly diverse, inclusive and supportive environment for all on our campus and well beyond.” 

Is it really on ALL of us or is it just on the people who experience this discrimination and injustice on a daily basis? If I recall correctly, you were the one who released a statement on Sept. 28, 2016, saying “the University cannot punish students for hurtful and offensive comments.” So how exactly are we advancing a “diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for all on our campus” if students are allowed to say harmful things without any repercussions?

So again, I call for you to release a statement. Please reflect on the actions of your administration and the administrations prior to you. Remember the demographics of your institution. You cannot say that you condemn racism and discrimination without condemning your own actions that have contributed to that fact. 

An additional tip for your new statement: You can say Black. You are allowed to be more specific than saying people of color.

So yes, there IS “Grief, Anger and Needed Change.” Hopefully, you’ll reevaluate and contribute to this needed change. 

For starters, reanalyze your partnership with the Raleigh Police Department (RPD). It’s time to scale back. 


Here’s a link to the Chancellor’s statement