Nubian Message Staff

As the staff of an African-American newspaper, there are some questions we get asked pretty frequently. So, to put all those questions to rest, or at least have somewhere to point when we’re just too done to respond, we’ve compiled a list of answers in the hopes that it’ll be the last time we have to think about them. Enjoy!


Why doesn’t the Nubian just become a section of the Technician?

Remember Bienvenidos? It was a section of the Technician that ran bi-weekly content in Spanish. Bienvenidos has been consolidated under the Arts and Entertainment section and no longer has its own section editor. We don’t want the same future for the Nubian Message. –Keilah Davis, Managing Editor

I honestly think that becoming part of the Technician would be in direct opposition to what the Nubian stands for. We were created to be an independent news source of and for the African-American community. While we have evolved since then to have more of a multicultural focus, there is still cultural value in being independent. We don’t answer to anyone but our community, not editors who may or may not understand our perspective. The fact of the matter is that being absorbed into any other publication, be it the Technician or the New York Times, would be spitting in the face of our history. If that’s not something you can understand, it’s not something we can explain. –Anahzsa Jones, Editor-in-Chief

Have you considered changing the name to something more inclusive?

It’s the Nubian Message not the anti-Anglo-Saxon message; we check white supremacy not white people. The Nubian Message was made to be inclusive; it was a response to a student media that was not inclusive to the black student body here on campus. –Shawn Fredericks, Staff Writer

No, we have not because the name is not exclusive. We are not the Nubian-Only Message. We exist to offer the perspective of other cultures that aren’t as easily seen on NC State’s campus. And while our focus has shifted to give voice to more than just African-Americans, there is still a cultural significance and a legacy attached to the name Nubian Message. It gives credit where credit is due. We were started by the African-American community, and while we do our best to make sure everyone’s heard, the name serves as a way to pay homage to that history. –Anahzsa Jones, Editor-in-Chief

What even is the Nubian Message?

The Sentinel of the African-American Community at NC State since 1992.  Literally every issue of the Nubian says that on page 2

We have a black paper?

Yep. – Keilah Davis

Yes. It’s called the Nubian Message, which I probably just explained before you asked this question. –Anahzsa Jones

Why do we have a black paper?

Short Answer: Black voices are already silenced in real life. They don’t need to be silenced in the media too.

Long Answer: In researching the history of NC State in regards to its racial climate, I’ve read some accounts from people that felt creating spaces like the Nubian Message and African-American Cultural Center would segregate our campus. These people felt that by focusing on the perspective of one race of people, these spaces would deter our “post-racial” society in becoming a unified, race-blind paradise. But race isn’t something you can ignore. We don’t live in a post-racial society, and to pretend that we do live in such a world dismisses the struggles and accomplishes that marginalized people experience. Like the African American Cultural Center, this black paper was created to represent and educate people about an underrepresented culture on our campus through media. We continue serve that purpose today. –Kennysha Woods, Staff Writer

What’s Student Media?

Student Media is home to a yearbook, literary magazine, radio station and two newspapers. We each have offices on the 3rd floor of Witherspoon. Come visit us sometime! –Keilah Davis

Do we still need the Nubian Message?

Is NC State still a predominately white institution? Anahzsa Jones, Editor-in-Chief

As long as racism exists on campus, we gon’ be here. —Kennysha Woods

Do you have to be black to join?

(Quavo Voice) We love all races.  –Shawn Fredericks

We want and welcome all perspectives. Even if we wanted to, we literally couldn’t restrict membership by race. That’s called discrimination and is frowned upon in most legal systems. –Anahzsa Jones

“You work for the Nubian Message? But aren’t you white?” Yes, yes I am. And? –Penny Lawrence, Staff Writer