If you don’t care about the lives of your students, faculty and staff, just say that. 

After over 130 positive COVID-19 cases (in the span of a week), UNC-Chapel Hill has made the decision to cancel all in-person classes. This is 130 potential lives lost. 

How many cases will it take for the NC State Administration to take action? How many deaths are too many?

In the Campus Community Standards, you acknowledge that “it is possible to contract COVID-19 even when following safety precautions recommended by government authorities, agencies, and university policies and practices.” Y’all knew this but still required first-years who did not live within 25 miles of NCSU to live on campus? Still kept in-person classes? Still hosted in-person events? 

Again, If you don’t care about us then just say that. 

The time has come: Cancel all in-person classes. 

Several of the classrooms on campus are barely following proper social distancing rules. It is literally impossible. Even with the stickers placed on desks and floors, the classrooms are still placing students, staff, and faculty at risk.

You even admitted it yourself, saying although NC State has instituted many reasonable practices in an attempt to lessen or reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19, NC State cannot guarantee that you will never be exposed to or get sick from the virus, and NC State cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment.” 

While it is the responsibility of the individual to wear a mask and social distance, the blame is ultimately on NC State administration — we understand and acknowledge that NC State is a public university and acts under the guidance of a larger system, the UNC system’s Board of Governors. With that being said, the blame is ultimately on the Board of Governors. 

YOU allowed campuses to reopen in the middle of a pandemic. 

YOU required first-years to live on campus.

YOU pressured faculty to increase the number of in-person classes.

YOU offered little to no hazard pay to the working community members (including student workers, grad student workers, housekeeping staff, professors, and everyone in between) risking their lives.

We repeat, if you don’t care about our lives then just say that. 

The tragedies that many of us will face are entirely your fault. You could have prevented this. You could have protected us. Instead, you deliberately put all of our lives at risk. 

The behavior of this administration has been boldly harmful. You have inflicted this harm onto your “supposed” community. The irony is that without us, you wouldn’t have a community. You are quick to rely on us for money and recognition yet we can’t even rely on you for our safety.

With the cancelation of in-person classes, the shutdown of campus will likely follow. The time has come to “Think AND Do.” Acknowledge and continue to provide students with the resources necessary for their success: Housing. Food. Technology. Counseling. Health Services. Active Transparency. And much more. 

Since you have no intention of refunding tuition and fees, let’s keep those resources rolling. 

If NC State decides to close the campus, there should be an option that allows students to quarantine AND get COVID tested. The quarantine period should be at least 14 days. This will ensure that students are not bringing the virus back to their families and hometowns. These are initial suggestions. It is up to you and your paid staff to come up with more ways to protect our campus community. 

If you cared at all about students then you’d be listening to their cries of frustration and fear. NC State students have expressed multiple times that they don’t feel safe, that y’all aren’t listening to them and that they’re afraid of losing their lives.

For once open your ears and hear the cries of your community. What happened at UNC-Chapel Hill is exactly, if not worse, what will happen here at NC State. Not could, will!

So again, if you don’t care about us then just say that. 

The time for the shenanigans is over. Listen to the Pack.