Ayo….. We know y’all saw Will Smith slap the sh*t outta Chris Rock. A lot of people have a lot to say about it and honestly… shut up. If you are only funny because you make fun of other people’s appearances, maybe you aren’t funny. Also, if you be letting yt people call you the n-word…ANYWHO! #couldntbeme!

Will Smith did what he had to do. Chris Rock had it coming, especially because he was told to not talk about Jada before. If anything Will should have knocked him out cold. This is one of the few times we have seen a Black man stand up for his wife on national tv and we need to see it more often.

The hypocrisy surrounding this situation is surprising. The people calling for Will Smith to have his Oscar taken away for a slap that was rightly deserved is crazy (and very much rooted in racism). The number of sexual predators and abusers who have received Oscars and no one said a word. Woody Allen was accused of sexual assault and still received Oscars after. It was a slap, not murder and if it happened during a commercial break no one would care. The Oscars also have always been a circus, let’s not forget the Moonlight/ La La Land situation. 

The people that are saying Will Smith was out of line for that are wildin out. He saw his wife getting disrespected and he stepped in. It’s Will Smith y’all, he’s not going anywhere. 

Also, what did Chris Rock think Will Smith was coming up on the stage to do? …give him a pat on the back? Oh no, better yet a high five like “yes, you should definitely keep insulting my wife at this white event.”

The joke was about Jada’s lack of hair which is due to a medical condition, Alopecia. It was simple, distasteful, and rude. 

Not only was Chris Rock’s joke distasteful but his remarks defending himself and his jokes were too. You not funny if you have to describe why your joke is funny. 

One thing about the incident troubled us. The comments that said things like “Well, you asked for the Oscars to be more Black,” implying that the violence “blackened” the event. 

We will say that Will Smith did take the ”mature” approach to apologize which takes a lot of courage and humility so big ups to Will Smith on that and we hope things get sorted out cause we’d hate to see a Chris Rock special flaming the Smith’s.

Well! Anyways congrats and big ups to Will Smith for making history!