Original cover of the Nubian Message, published November 30, 1992

Kennysha Woods | Staff Writer

UNC students demand cultural center | March 17, 1992

Students gathered at UNC Chapel Hill’s South Building to confront Chancellor Paul Hardin over their grievances, including the creation of a free-standing cultural center. Hardin refused the center for fear of promoting segregation and separatism. This lead to multiple protests demonstrated by black students at UNC that received national attention and spurred discussion of race in American society across many college campuses.


NC State students push for better cultural center | September 22, 1992

According to a 1992 Technician article by Ron Batcho, many black students around NC State pushed discussion for the mismanagement of the African-American Cultural Center (AACC) at a Student Government forum. The students also claimed that NC State was not fulfilling the promise to create a free-standing cultural center that was made five years prior. NCSU Administrators granted the AACC an operating budget later that year.


“Blatant Racism Behind BAC Rally” | September 23, 1992

The Technician published an opinion column by Steve Crisp in which Crisp refers to members of Black Awareness Council (BAC) as “Ku Klux Blacks,” asserting that their views of black people being systematically disadvantaged in society and throughout history are “bull—-!” In the Campus Forum section of the same issue, Jeff Rom called the BAC “a bunch of terrorists” and believed their goal to create an African-American cultural center aided in segregating cultural groups because “a cultural center only emphasizes that we are different.”


Burning in the Brickyard | September 25, 1992

Around 200 students gathered in the Brickyard to burn Technician papers in response to the racially biased articles in Technician, expressing disappointment in the lack of inclusion of African-American perspectives in their content.

Technician article on students protesting biased articles in the paper by burning copies of the paper in the technician.

Technician article on students protesting biased articles in the paper by burning copies of the paper in the technician.


Tony Williamson writes to Technician | September 28, 1992

The Technician published a Campus Forum article by Tony Williamson responding to Crisp and Rom’s articles. Williamson argued that they misunderstood the purpose of a cultural center, which wasn’t to promote segregation, but instead serve as “a place where blacks can showcase the achievements of their ancestors” and where people of any culture can learn about those achievements. Williamson also highlighted their comparison of the BAC to the KKK and terrorists, arguing that no black activist group has ever even proposed to make change through militancy.


The Nubian Message Is Created | November 30th, 1992

Williamson founded the Nubian Message to “represent the African-American community at NCSU totally, truthfully, and faithfully.” The first issue was printed with the help and equipment of NC Central University. NC State allowed the Nubian staff to print later issues with campus equipment.

Original Nubian Message cover

Original cover of the Nubian Message, published November 30, 1992


Student Media accepts Nubian | March 7, 1994

After a vote of 7-0, NC State Student Media Authority officially recognized Nubian as a permanent member, finally supplying the paper with “funding and advisory support.”


Tony Williamson passes | March 12, 1994

Months before his graduation, Tony Williamson died unexpectedly, leaving the Nubian Message as his legacy on campus.

Tony Williamson, fonder of the Nubian Message.

Tony Williamson, fonder of the Nubian Message.


Nubian wins award | 1995

Nubian won Organization of the Year in the Peer Mentor Program.


Nubian website is up and running | 1996

Nubian began hosting a news website.


Nubian Editor wins award | 2001-2002

Editor-in-Chief Adedayo Banyo received an award from Student Media Authority recognizing outstanding work.


Nubian Absence | Fall 2005

Nubian did not publish any issues during the fall semester of 2005.


Barack Obama visits NC State | September 14, 2011

Obama gave a speech at Reynolds Coliseum to gather support for his American Jobs Acts.

Barack Obama in 2011

President Barack Obama waves to an audience of approximately 9,300 in Reynolds Coliseum Sept. 14, 2011. Obama spoke to raise awareness and support for the American Jobs Act, a bill he sent to congress Sept. 14 “It puts more people back to work, and it puts more money back into the pockets of working Americans,” Obama said. Photo by Alex Sanchez.


Nubian wins award | February 18, 2012

Nubian won Best of Show: Online News Site at the North Carolina Media Association Conference.


Nubian wins awards | February 16, 2013

Nubian won Best of Show: Newspaper and Best of Show: Online News Site at the North Carolina College Media Association Conference.


Nubian wins award | April 25, 2015

Nubian was the first runner up for the 2013-2014 AASAC Organization of the Year and received a $150 award.


Racist Screenshots circulate campus | September 27, 2016

Screenshots of two GroupMe chats revealed students using racist slurs and mocking peaceful Black Lives Matter protests. This exposure spurred debates of racism and free speech on NC State’s campus and all over social media.

Students stage Die in

NC State students fill the Talley Student Union atrium on Sept. 23 for a “die-in” as a form of nonviolent protesting. Students laid down and filled the floor to represent those who have been unfairly murdered.


Blavity Publishes Nubian Story| September 29, 2016

Blavity, an online platform that hosts news stories by multi-cultural creators, re-published Nubian’s coverage of the screenshot scandal.


Digitized Nubian | September 6, 2016

NCSU Libraries announced the digital archive of Nubian papers–a searchable collection amassing over 200 issues.


Nubian wins Award | Spring 2017

Nubian won the Outstanding Student Organization Award for 2017.