Just when you thought there could not possibly be any more good ideas left to base a reality show on, Candy Girls premiered on March 8. America loves drama, and this is inevitable when seven head-strong video vixens are documented. Candy Girls is the name these women have been given because of their appearances as “eye candy” in videos from Jay-Z to Kanye West. Even though these women have been in their share of videos that often come along with negative connotations, there is a bigger picture. This new hip-hop documentary/drama aims to give insight into the music business aspect of these women’s lives, which I think is positive.

However, since it is reality entertainment, throughout the season, the bound-to-happen cat-fights and egos could possibly diminish the positive light the show could bring to their lives. People will tune in, but will it have the effect that it could potentially have? This show could be the opportunity for video vixens to show they have beauty and brains, but the reality of the show is it is reality television which needs drama to thrive, not insight into the music industry through a lady of hip-hop’s eyes and mind.

The E! Channel has deemed this group of women “the first ladies of Hip-Hop,” and the focus of Candy Girls is the Momma Fox, Danielle, who is head of “Bella,” a talent agency that provides for the music industry video line-ups. If you tuned in to see the premiere, you noticed the “I’m about my business” vibe that Danielle presented. Terricka, Bianca, Brooke, and Olivia are all represented by “Bella.” Danielle works hard to provide these girls with jobs to help them make progress in their career. The show is very interesting as far as job distribution by Danielle, and how the models treat her and each other.

Terricka and Danielle recently had a dispute over restrictions that Danielle gave Terricka about what she could and could not say on set. The argument they had after Danielle’s restrictions was a rush of, “You’re a this and you’re a that.” Those are the usual words which are used on reality television, but due to the controversy of the “b-word” in the music industry to refer to women, this argument did nothing for the women of hip hop. There you witness on television the video vixens themselves calling each other the very names some women are complaining about in the lyrics of the videos in which they star. Even though there are some arguments and downfalls to the show, there is no denying that the women work hard to reach fame and fortune. One example is April, a stylist, and according to E! television, the eyes and ears for Danielle when she can not be around. April is very popular, and has worked with celebrities such as Bow Wow, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. She is the mother of one child, by well-known model Tyson Beckford, and I have to say, she knows how to get to the top. She has been the stylist for more than 100 videos! The entire cast of Candy Girls are all putting forth notable efforts towards making their dreams come true in the music business. Danielle is an admirable CEO; she has turned her talent agency into the “go to” place for models seeking work in the industry.

Hopefully, this show will turn out to be a good series with lots of drama along with some positive insight into the modeling world, but the reality television angle of this show really could misconstrue the potential this show could have to give video vixens a new image.