Hello lovely people,

Can you believe November is already half over? I know, it’s crazy. Just a few weeks left of the semester to go. I, for one, am already listening to Christmas music. Judge if you want, but as far as I’m concerned, the first noel begins on the first of November.

Besides the imminent Christmas carols, November marks two very special things, and the first is Native-American Heritage Month. In this issue, we have a little preview of what’s still to come and some pictures from Culture Night on Tuesday, the 14th. If you haven’t gotten the chance to go to any events, make sure you get some in before the month is out. We need to support our Native brothers and sisters as much as we support each other.

The second special thing, for us personally, but also for us as a community, is the Nubian’s 25th anniversary! We’ve got a lot going on, from the special issue to a little shindig in the African American Cultural Center Gallery. I’m practicing a lot of self-care to get me to it and through it, but we’ll get there.

With everything going on, this is a more low-key issue, but we made sure to give you guys some food for thought. Featured in this issue are two very interesting people that are part of our campus community. Marcus Howard’s story of co-founding a business to help black-owned businesses is an inspirational one, especially because he’s a grad student right here at NC State.

And then there’s Dr. Ferguson, who I would like to officially welcome to the Wolfpack family. He’s one of the few African-Americans in the philosophy field, so if you’re into deep thought and understanding the world a little better, he might be someone you want to say hi to.

One last thing: our fantastic layout designer is leaving us to study abroad. And while we’re super excited for her, we’re not so excited to lose her. So, if you or anyone you know has experience with InDesign and wants to earn a little extra change, hit us up.

As always, I hope you read something that sticks with you and makes you think. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can always reach us at nubian-editor@ncsu.edu.