Hello lovely people,

Now that the south is remembering once again that winter is a thing, I hope you’re all staying warm and washing your hands, because the flu is also a thing. And carrying lotion, because cold plus frequent hand washing equals ash for days.

Anyway, this issue is a mix of some pretty cool stuff. As we all know, Black History Month is upon us, so we wanted to make sure everyone knew about the awesome events happening on campus to celebrate and commemorate Black Excellence.

One of the biggest obstacles to black excellence through American history has been the absence of or infringement on our basic human rights. One of these rights is free speech, including of course, protest. Last issue, we introduced a policy to you all that could affect the way protests and free speech are handled on campus in the future. This week, we wanted to see if we could clarify a few things about that. Like most legal stuff, it’s long and vague, so we turned to campus officials to see if they could shed some light.

We also have a Blackademics on Dr. Elan Hope, who’s doing some amazing research on children and “critical consciousness,” which is just as cool as it sounds. Centerspread, you’ll also find a powerful opinion on solidarity with our sanctuary seeking brothers and sisters. This past weekend saw the Sanctuary Everywhere rally, but what it didn’t see was a huge NC State presence. One of our writers talks about the importance of all of us standing together. To go along with that, we have some pretty great photos on the last page, so don’t recycle the paper without taking a look.

Lastly, with Black History Month upon us, and the imminent release of the best superhero movie to ever hit the face of the planet, you know we have to do a little something something. So head to our Facebook, Twitter, or comment on this letter on our website, thenubianmessage.com, and tell us who your black NC State Superhero is. You just might find yourself, and your hero in an upcoming issue. Now that I’m done being a commercial, enjoy the issue!