Many African-American people are skeptical about attending public events with people of the same ethnic group in order to have a good time with friends or family. “Why is this?” you may ask. Well we have all heard the saying, “black people do not know how to act when they get together.” Every time black people get together either at a cook out, a wedding, a funeral, or even in church, something ruthless is bound to happen. Why can’t African-Americans get together and do something positive? We are the only race with which so much controversy resides. Blacks need to stop trying to hold each other back, stop beating each other down, and try to lift each other up. We all know our history and we already know how people tried to keep us down as a race in the past. We need to rise above all negativity and make a change.

One way we can make a change is to stop complaining. African-Americans are always complaining about people neglecting us. Well, the reason is, if you did not already know, because African-Americans always have conflict. I am not referring to all black people, because some of them are tired of the drama and tired of always getting the worse end of the bargain. Right when you take a bite of your food, or finally get to dance with that cute boy in the club, somebody always wants to mess it up by fighting or arguing. I do not care how much money you make or how conservative you are, you will always be put into the same category as the ones who are “acting the fool.” People will ask, “What are you acting black for?”
What is “acting black?” What is “acting white?” Many people associate acting black with people who act ghetto in public or act like they do not have common sense. Acting white refers to being sophisticated and carrying ones self as though he or she knew where he or she was going in life. I think during segregation these descriptions came from both sides and they need to stop. There should not be any such thing as acting black or white; people act like themselves. Blacks need to start respecting individuality instead of stereotyping because stereotypes affect everyone, not just the person who is behaving or misbehaving. Not all black people are ignorant and not all white people are sophisticated; individuals are unique.
As an individual, I want to encourage all black people to represent their race with pride, and get rid of all negativity. When one African-American person notices another African-American speaking in a sophisticated manner, using a large vocabulary, wearing Hollister, or just being themselves, they automatically become judgmental. People can make other people feel as though they are not in touch with their heritage and do not associate with a person because he or she is different. Blacks need to get out of this cycle so that when people say “Oh, she is acting black,” they are referring to someone acting as a beautiful, unique Nubian king or queen. I know there are some black people that can fit into any group; they can talk slang, have swag, but when things get serious, they can put on their business suit and speak intelligently.
African-Americans have come a long way, but we have so far to go. Now that have the right to vote, some of us do not vote. Now that African-Americans have the right to sit at the front of the bus, where do you find us? In the back! Now that we have equal rights, we decide to misbehave and cause people to create stereotypes about us all. Why did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat? Was it all in vain? I’m pretty sure if she knew things would be like this after all she did, she would not have just moved and given up her seat, she probably would have gotten off the bus and walked.