I should not have to run through my trauma

Tell you the details of my horrors

Tell you about the abuse or the death threats

Tell you about the numerous assaults

Tell you about the suicide attempts or disorders

Tell you about the medications and addiction

Tell you about the bodies I’ve seen

Tell you about the burdens I’ve taken on

Tell you about the struggles and pain I’ve acquired in these 21 years on this earth

To be respected and treated as a human

To not want to endure bullshit to acquire titles.


You see, the issue was never me

The issue was never that I needed tougher skin

Or that I needed to roll with the punches

Or that I was weak and just couldn’t handle what was being thrown at me

The issue was always you

And that is between you and your maker

Whether you want to grapple with the horrors and trauma you’ve inflicted on others, it is not my concern

But you can’t run from the consequences forever

And so be it God, they’ll catch you soon enough.