Nubian Message Staff

Here’s some advice from the Nubian Message staff on things like time management, talking to professors, maintaining good grades or anything else we’ve found useful in achieving academic success!

“Plan ahead!”

“DH Hill is a great place to study in between classes or if you can’t focus in your dorm room. Plan ahead: schedule the classes you need to take in upcoming years for your major and get a physical calendar to write your assignment due dates down on and cross out dates as they go by. Skimming over the reading you were supposed to do is better than not reading at all. Take notes, highlight and underline in your textbooks that you paid way too much for.” –Casey Johnson, Staff Writer

“Introduce yourself at the beginning of the year.”

“Go to your professor’s office hours and introduce yourself at the beginning of the year. Let them know your strengths and weaknesses regarding the subject and they may be able to give you some resources. If you begin to build a relationship early on, they will also be more understanding of your struggles later in the semester. Also, do not forget that many of the professors who are teaching classes related to your major, have worked in your field. Use them as a source for finding internships, letters of recommendation and networking.” –Yesenia Jones, Staff Writer

“Take personal time whenever you need.”

“Don’t be afraid to join a club or pick up an extracurricular activity related to things you’re interested in. In addition to being something useful to have on a resume, these things can really help you meet new people, get acclimated to campus life and relieve stress from your week of classes.

Also, take personal time whenever you need. Yes, college is a very important time for maintaining academic success, but your mental health shouldn’t suffer because of it. If you feel like you need to take some time to recuperate, then do so!

Get to know your RA and go to the events they organize for your dorm whenever you can. It’s always beneficial to know the person in charge of your living space and their events are always fun (and usually have free food).

And finally, start a resume as early as you can because it’s always better to add to it as you go through your college career than to try to conjure one up at the last minute while recalling everything you did. Visit the career development center for guidance as well!” –Kennysa Woods, Managing Editor

“Read a section of the chapter throughout the days that week instead of cramming.”

“What helped me the most was taking a big goal like chapter readings and broke them down into smaller goals. For instance, instead of blocking out time to read a whole chapter, I would just read a section of the chapter throughout the days that week instead of cramming all of my chapter readings into my weekend.

Also, take advantage of the fact your syllabus breaks down all your assignments and be proactive in knocking them out a week or two weeks ahead so you can coast while you classmates cram. Easier said than done, I know, but if you use the method I laid out you’ll notice you are closer to your goal and have more time than you thought you would have!

Lastly, do not get so obsessed with your academic work you become a square. Go out and party responsibly so you are less stressed when you are engaged in your work.” –Shawn Fredericks, Staff Writer

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help! College is a lot harder than high school but there are many resources available to help. Use office hours, TAs, tutors, study groups and even YouTube videos whenever you need them.” –Keilah Davis, Editor-in-Chief