Hello wonderful people!

October has just begun and already there’s a lot happening. Not only does Latinx Heritage Month continue until the 15th, but October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month, and LGBT History Month.

Instead of previewing what you guys are already going to read this week, I want to talk about something these two things, domestic violence and LGBTQ identities have in common: Silence. For this issue, we reached out and asked for people to come forward and share their stories, dealing with either theme, similar to how we did last issue for DACA recipients. The only responses we got were from out faculty and staff. Now I want to say first and foremost that you don’t owe anyone your story. It is not, nor will it ever be, your job to expose yourself for the entertainment or education of others, not through an essay, a speech, a conversation or a news article. This is in no way an attempt to call people out for not sharing their life stories with us.

This is a call to attention. There is a reason so few people wanted to share. There is still so much stigma surrounding identifying as LGBTQ or being affected by domestic violence. People have every right to want to keep their situations close to home, but they also have every right to feel safe speaking out and seeking healing.

Take pride in the fact that you exist. Whether you fit somewhere under the LGBTQ flag, you’re a survivor of domestic violence, or, like me, you’re the product of someone who survived or maybe even someone who didn’t, this is your month. Be fearlessly, unapologetically present because you are here for a reason.


Love always,