Zoe Wilson| Staff Writer

The Wake County Board of Elections office is partnering with NC State’s Student Government to host a Voter Outreach Event on campus Aug. 15-20.

“Our main goal is to assist NC State students with registering to vote, updating their address, and providing educational literature about the upcoming election,” said Tiffany Holden, of the Wake County Board of Elections and Coordinator of the Voter Outreach Event.

Holden has been working directly with Brandon Stafford, Student Body Vice President, to plan this event.

“I want to make sure everyone on campus is registered to vote, and my goal is to really engage students when it comes to the political realm so everyone’s voices are heard,” said Stafford, a senior studying environmental sciences.

Together their efforts will educate the students who are of age and properly registered about the three different ways they can vote: early voting, election day voting, or absentee voting by mail.  Regardless of the method, they want to empower students to vote and represent their voices.

“It is crucial for millennials to vote in this upcoming election.  North Carolina is currently a swing state which means that every vote really does matter.  Although this political season has been a tense one, it’s still important to vote and support the democratic nation that our forefathers fought so hard to build,” said Mary Stuart Sloan a sophomore studying political science.

Be on the lookout during welcome week for more information regarding voter registration.  Student Government is currently working on creating a voter guide pamphlet with unbiased information regarding the upcoming elections.