Hey family,

I am Stephanie Tate, Editor-in-Chief of the Nubian Message, and I want to formally welcome new students to the Wolfpack! The Nubian Message has served as the sentinel for the African American community at NC State for the last twenty-four years. Although we were originally founded to serve as the voice for the African American community, we are now making more efforts to be inclusive of all walks of life to better represent our diverse campus population.

Whether you’re a new reader of our publication, a potential staff member or both we are excited to have you on campus and as a member of our community. As a symposium alumna, a former symposium counselor and a student just like you, I have a few nuggets of advice for you.

Take advantage of the resources presented to you in symposium. Regardless of the many talents that got you to NC State, you’ll need the help of others to be successful. Start networking now and you’ll be grateful that you did later.

Show up and show out. As a minority student at a predominately-white institution, you’ll have a few classes where you’ll be the only person that looks like you. Use this to your advantage. Go to class eager to learn, ask questions and make a good impression. You’re changing the narrative simply by being a student at NC State, continue to do so.

Manage your time efficiently. In the words of one of our former writers QuiAnne’ Holmes, “Friends and significant others should not be a three credit hour class.” While you should strive to keep your relationships in tact, make sure you’re making double the effort to keep your grades in tact.

Stay true to who you are. College provides you with more freedom than you may have ever had. Don’t use this as an excuse to act a fool. Keep your values at the forefront of your mind and don’t compromise them.

Get involved in organizations that interest you. Whether its trying something new or sticking to something you’re good at, just get involved. Being involved makes for a more holistic college experience.

I hope you’ll find this issue both useful and intriguing. Make the best of your NC State career and we promise to be here to write about all the great things we’re sure you will do.

Nothing but love,

Stephanie Tate