Staff Report 

Throughout the month of February, the Nubian Message staff set out on a mission to wake up as many people on N.C. State’s campus as possible. We were inspired to#WakeUpNCSU after reflecting on all the stories we have reported on this school year and the injustice we have seen in the news. We wanted to rally students by saying #DontSleep on the experiences we have lived that shouldn’t, nor do they have to be, the norm. Now, though February is coming to a close, the Nubian staff wants to encourage you all to #StayWoke to the issues plaguing our community, throughout the year. Here is a list of a few things that will help you fight off sleep.

1. Spike Lee Joints –

You may only know him from his shenanigans at New York Knicks games but in the 80’s Lee was the go-to director for Black films that really told our experience. There is no way you can fall asleep when watching classics like School Daze and Malcolm X.

 2. Read a book! R-E-A-D-A-B-O-OH-KAY-

There is so much literature out there to help you stay woke and really learn about your roots. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, set in West Africa, is THE classic story everyone should have in their library. If you want something more modern, try reading The Color Purple, you know you’ve seen the movie!

3. Wake your friends-

It’s easy to sink back into the comfort of the bed when everyone around you is dozing. When you learn or hear about something new, have a discussion with your friends- see how they feel about it.

4. Find a news source other than Twitter!

Although a great way to keep in touch in less than 140 characters, a lot of news gets buried under pop culture nonsense on Twitter. Things are happening everywhere that affect our community and way of life.

5. Learn the history of the Black Pack-

Take a trip to the Afrikan American Cultural Center and visit Mama Thorpe, the closest thing we have to a Grio, or story teller. Also, learn about the Afrikan American Student Advisory Council.