Thus far, 2009 has been a good year for the film industry. The recent releases, Knowing and The Last House on the Left, will make the lists for most memorable movies of the year, if nothing else.

Knowing is a great movie for those who want to ponder the themes and questions of the world that each scene presents. The Last House on the Left is the kind of movie you want to see if you can handle the blood and gore. One movie tests your mind, while the other tests your stomach. No matter which movie you decide to see, it will not be a waste of time or money. Other than a few minor issues, each movie is worth going to see during the weekend.

Knowing (2009), starring Nicholas Cage, gives an interesting take on the world, and it really makes you think. Has everything in the world been pre-determined, or is everything just a coincidence? After John (Cage) witnesses the opening of a fifty year old time capsule at his son’s school, he is shocked to find a mysterious code hidden within. With the discovery of this seemingly harmless piece of paper, strange events begin to happen, and John begins to believe his family may have something to do with what is to come.

John is an astrophysicist who was recently widowed, due to an accident that took his wife. I think the family history was intricately crafted into the overall point of the film. There are questions that arise ranging from life, death, and more. This film is definitely what some folks would call action-packed. Once the plot begins to thicken, get ready for some seriously intense scenes. It is one of those types of movies where you think you know what is going on and you think you can predict the end, but then all of the sudden something off the wall happens and changes your predictions.

Knowing gives an interesting take on the events going on in the world in both a religious and scientific perspective. Depending upon which side you are on in the beginning of the movie will determine if you like the end or not. The film’s statement will definitely resonate with you, whether it is eerily, religiously, or scientifically. It sets off a whirlwind of emotions like anger, confusion, anxiety, and sympathy. I recommend this movie to people who like things like the Da Vinci Code (2003) or The Happening (2008). If you like deep, thought-evoking films, then Knowing is a movie for you.

The Last House on the Left (2009), starring Sandra Cassel (Mari), is a seriously disturbing film. I am sure that people in the 1970’s were in shock with what they saw in the original movie, The Virgin Spring, but I am sure this one takes the cake. Definitely not for those with weak stomachs, this film delivers scene after scene of twisted scenarios. If you can not handle gruesome films magnified times ten, then you are better off finding another movie. Commentators after the film all came out saying things like “That was too much,” “I almost got sick,” “I can’t believe they showed that part,” or simply, “That was disturbing.” The young girl, Mari goes in to town to visit a friend only to be kidnapped by deranged psychopaths. After the girls are dragged into the woods, and left for dead, the psychopaths seek for hospitality in the house of Mari’s parents. This tale of revenge leaves nothing to the imagination; every scene maxes out the horror limits.

If you like this kind of gruesome horror flick, then you will not mind the unnecessary extensions on the death scenes. Just when you think you have had enough, another bone crunches. There is no mercy for the viewers, just as there is no mercy for the characters. Despite the exceptionally horrible horror, the movie was pretty solid. There is an unexpected turn in the film that makes things get even more interesting, but do not hold your breath too long because the plot will not thicken without the body count rising. You will be on the edge of your seat, but you will also squirm at its visceral moments. This will definitely be on the countdown for the scariest movies ever or just the most gruesome.