Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and with the constant stress of the economic crisis, many couples are wondering exactly what they are going to give their boyfriends or girlfriends this year. Giving gifts is a must in a society where Valentine’s Day is filled with pressure. If one does not give their lover something special then they will most likely be faced with consequences.¬† Of course shopping for females can be relatively easy and not quite expensive with stuffed teddy bears, store-bought flower bouquets and boxed chocolates readily available. Guys, on the other hand are quite difficult to shop for and may be the most expensive for gift giving. With only a few days left to figure out the perfect gift, here are some suggestions for gifts under $30.

For Him

For gifts $30 or less, there are many options for providing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that he will love. Visit for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Gift baskets filled with all his favorites may be one way to say “I know you very well, and I know what you like.” A gift basket can be miscellaneous with things such as: candy, aftershave, stuffed animals or any of his favorite snacks. Making a gift basket does not have to be expensive. You can find many items that are cheap, especially¬† favorite candies or snacks that are sure to compliment a low budget. The dollar store is a good way to find a basket and decorative stuffing. You may also find some pretty cool knick knacks; and the best thing about it is that he does not have to know where you bought the items from.

Like the old saying goes, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This year stop by your local grocery store and pick up a box of funfetti or any flavor cake that you know your boyfriend enjoys. You will most likely spend between three and four dollars. Decorate it up a bit by shaping the cake into a heart and decorating it with “I love you.” It is a great way of showing how much you love him without having to buy something expensive.¬† Because the cake is very cheap, you will still have a lot of money left to buy him something extra.

If this Valentine’s Day you are spending it with a “platonic friend” and you want to show him that your friendship means a lot to him, gift cards and a movie is a great way of showing him that he is just a friend. Purchasing a gift card for $20 and buying your half of a movie ticket will cost you $25.50. Remember, if you go to Mission Valley and pay for student tickets your ticket will cost approximately five dollars and fifty cents. Remember those days in grade school where everyone passed around Disney or cartoon Valentine’s Day cards? Giving him one will put a smile on his face, and a box will most likely cost you approximately four dollars.

For Her

There are many gifts available to women for Valentine’s Day so there really should not be a problem finding a gift under $30. Pharmaceutical stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid have many options available as far as stuffed bears, large Valentine’s Day cards, roses and boxed chocolates that should be able to fit anyone’s budget.

Online at Bath and Body Works, there are several gift sets that include anything from body sprays to shower gels to lotions that can cost $25 and less. However, a gift set from Victoria Secret may not be enough, and may get worried about how you are going to pay for dinner. Have no fear! Case dining hall is serving special Valentine’s Day meals even, though the last day for registration was this past Saturday. The key to a successful Valentine’s Day is planning ahead. If you already have a meal plan, your dinner will be free. If not, be willing to spend $10 each. The meal includes: seared scallops with lobster risotto, bananas foster, baby greens and goat cheese medallion with a raspberry vinaigrette etc.

This Valentine’s Day, do not get caught stressing over the perfect gift! Anyone of these gift ideas will be appreciated and you will surely see your boyfriend or girlfriend smile even harder than at Christmas time.