Nia Doaks | Correspondent 

Desmond “DJ Dez Suavé” Sellman hosts WKNC88.1’s “Smooth 60” every Monday night at 11pm. Sellman used to DJ outside of his show, but now he just focuses his energy towards his show.

DJ Dez Suavé in the WKNC Studio during his Smooth 60 show.

DJ Dez Suavé in the WKNC Studio during his Smooth 60 show.

“DJing is really time-consuming and takes a lot of practice,” he said. “At this point I really just focus on school and my show—I enjoy what I do.”

Sellman, a junior studying Communications, is originally from Charlotte but currently resides in  Louisiana when not in school. He’s been working with music since his freshman year and lists his older brother, as well as friends as personal influences.

“I have a lot of musically inclined friends that influence my DJing,” said Sellman. “But most of all I just love music.”

The Nubian Message sat down with Sellman and asked him to give students an idea of what good music is coming out this fall.












Drake, Nothing was the Same

Release Date: Sept. 24

“Personally I’m not a big fan, but I know people like him.”


Waka Flocka, From Roaches to Rolex 

Release Date: Sept. 24

“It’s only got like five good tracks, I’m excited for it though.” 












Kings of Leon, Mechanical Bull 

Release Date: Sept. 24

“Though my favorite band is The Killers, Kings of Leon runs a close second place.”


Pusha T, My Name Is My Name 

Release Date: Oct. 8


Future, Honest 

Release Date: Nov. 26

“The lead single ‘Honest’ has already been released.”