By Alexis Teasdell/Staff Writer

On Thursday, Women Empowering Society Together in partnership with the Women’s Center, held an event entitled “From Root to Tip: Discovering Your African American Hairstory.”  The event consisted of a panel of four women discussing their hair stories and discussing hair in general.
The night began with a video of interviews discussing hair and pictures of African American women over time.  The panel of all natural haired women spoke and informed about why they went natural and their journeys along the way.  Later, a student asked a question

to the audience that opened the floor for discussion of why they went natural and what others said about it and the reaction.  Scanning the room, one could see a beautiful assortment of women all with a unique story.  Women with relaxed hair, natural hair and women in transition from relaxed to natural all sat in communion to discuss, well, HAIR.

The discussion explained how African Americans view their hair different from society and discussed how powerful African-American hair was because of it’s versatility. They explained how African American hair can be straightened, curled, braided, etc and still be beautiful. Panelists also made sure to clearly say that this was not a “bashing” of those with relaxed hair.  The event was just to inform about the history of African-American hair and inform about alternatives.  As one panelist even shared a study found called “Blue Brain,” which implies that the relaxers placed in women’s hair could be affecting their brain over time.
As women shared their stories across the room it was clear to see that the “hair story” of African-Americans is a struggle becoming a triumph.  The night concluded with women discussing hair care techniques and even signing up for a natural hair newsletter.  The night was truly informative as well as exciting to attend.