By Kareem Williams

Leggings are pants. Period. Pants are defined as a piece of garment that covers each leg from the waist down to the ankles. They are completely acceptable in society and anyone who would be dismissive of them is naïve. Someone asked me if I would introduce my girlfriend to my mother in leggings, and I replied, “gladly”.

Although leggings aren’t the most formal articles of clothing to wear on campus they are far more acceptable than simply throwing on sweatpants or pajamas. In college there are few things that make a man happy besides leggings. They have the potential to turn someone’s bad day frown into a happy smile. As an anonymous source said, “it’s the only reason I tolerate winter time”. When a girl wears leggings she shows men characteristics about her that she wants to highlight and that men can appreciate. Men like to see certain characteristics in a woman and especially for black men; leggings hit that spot perfectly.

There is only one way that leggings look bad and that is when they are baggy. The purpose of wearing leggings aesthetically is for a woman to show off her curves. There’s nothing more annoying than baggy leggings because they are simply a tight pair of sweatpants that do nothing for the viewing audience. However when worn properly leggings can go with everything in a woman’s wardrobe.

From a man’s perspective a women could wear leggings everyday and it wouldn’t get old at all. Plus according to a wise man, Blake Valentine, “it’s aerodynamic, so it helps them get to class faster”. Why wouldn’t a woman want wear them?