Shawn Fredericks | Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is here so I thought I would throw together a little playlist for the couples out there who’re navigating college and love. This playlist features mostly newer music with some oldies to spice up the flow a little bit. Please enjoy this mixture of vibes as all celebrate love on this lovely day.

Weak // SWV

I always have to start with a classic and there is no better one than this song. SWV lay down how it feels when you first get those butterflies in your stomach. Whether you’re crushing or been cuffed for life, vibing to those initial feels is always a journey.

You Make Me Wanna // Usher

A song for when you just want to let shawty know what she makes you wanna do. This song is for when you got your thoughts together with someone. Usher is singing about that relationship upgrade we all kinda desire at one point.

Best Part // Daniel Caesar

This song is about appreciating your significant other in a very affectionate way. Daniel Caesar sings about all the best part about his lover. This Valentine’s Day, appreciate your lover by taking in all the best parts of them.

Hold On, We’re Going Home // Drake

This is soft–buttermilk biscuit soft, Care Bear soft–bubble bath music making it perfect for this holiday. When you’re in the car with your lover, play this song for a smooth ride. For those less mobile, you can still play this song while y’all are chilling and cuddling. It’s all about vibes.

Love With You // Guordan Banks

A typical love song but with the newer voice of Guordan Banks layin’ it down. Banks is a big brotha who can sing. As a big brotha myself, I had to support the cause because big brothas love too. This day, more than any other, tell your lover how in love you are with them; remind them or tell them for the first time that they are that special person in your life.

Talk 2 U // Brent Faiyaz

You may know Brent Faiyaz from the hook off of Goldlink’s hit “Crew”, however, Brent kicks it Old School on this track. On this song, Brent lays out how he is not like other guys looking for love. This V-Day let your crush know that you’re different from all the other people wasting their time.

Take Care // Drake & Rihanna

A lowkey classic by the dynamic duo of Drake and Rihanna, this is for the couple that’s been through some things. Drake brings his emotional pen, as always, with hard-hitting punchlines, rapping about trying to love someone who has been hurt. Take care of your lover not just for the holiday, but for however long the relationship or connection lasts.

With Me // DVSN

Simply put, DVSN is not given enough attention for the quality of their music. This song is about letting your significant other know that you got time now to be attentive to their needs. Play this track and let your lover know to come over, cause you got time now.

So Beautiful // Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild is underrated, especially when hits like these do not get the recognition they deserve. This is a smooth track for the bedroom. This is music you make love to. Let your lover know how beautiful they are on this track right here.

Fortunate // Maxwell

This is when you’re counting your blessings about your significant other. Maxwell is testifying on how fortunate he is to be with the woman he is with. Listeners should emulate Maxwell and testify to their lover how fortunate they are to have them.

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