The latest release by R&B singer Trey Songz,  entitled Ready was definitely a highly anticipated one. After the June 30th drop of Anticipation, the mix-tape, the countdown began. Trey had been releasing music for years, but his new release featuring the up and coming rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham, and his non-stop flood of music hitting the mix-tape scene has really created a buzz for himself.  The pretty boy’s album follows suit with a barrage of lyrical mood- setters, club bangers, and of course his infamous slow jams.  If you are seriously into slow jams and “baby-makers”, then this is definitely the C.D. for you.

Starting off with the sensual “Panty Droppa,”, Trey weaves his words seamlessly into the mid tempo melody as he tells the story of a late night encounter ending with that trademark “panty droppa.” “Neighbors know my name” leaves little to the imagination as Trey reveals his most intimate thoughts over a mix of electric guitar, and a perfect beat that titillates your senses and arouses your imagination. Another favorite of mine, “Be Where You Are”, is a familiar story to us all. Seeing that girl or boy for the first time, and all the thoughts that go through your head—From their hair style, the picture of them getting dressed, talking to their friends on the phone, and building the courage to step to them and see if your key fits the lock to their heart. The desire is felt. The thoughts are heard and the questions are answered all in an attempt to be where you are. “Black Roses” fasts forward to the end of a relationship. Trey explains his confusion at the thought of her heart not being his anymore, and all he has to give her is his black rose as a symbol of their dying love. We have all had those relationships that ended with confusion and lingering feelings. We remain hurt because something about that person just will not let you let them go, and this is the tale of the  song “Holla If Ya Need Me.” You know it might not be the best decision, but you want them to know that you will always be there for them and they can simply “holla” if they need you.

Unfortunately, with all of the beautifully written songs, Trey never seems to open up and show his true range and depth as an artist to the audience. His vocals remain almost stationary in that, if you are a Songz fan, it is all too familiar and maybe too comfortable. However, Trey definitely knocked two songs out of the park with the emotion, the lyrics, and surprisingly his range with “Yo side of the bed” and “Jupiter Love.” “Yo Side of the Bed” eerily reminds us of the late legend Michael Jackson and builds up to a slow release as the main instrumentals drop out and make room for the powerfully understated words of Mr. Songz. I can feel the words and the empty feeling of losing that one, his one. As I  listen to the song, I feel as if the pain radiates through his soul, but perfectly flows into the melody. His falsetto holds the remnant of tearful nights as he replays the day she left over and over again in his mind. The track plays perfectly and does not seem forced or
planned. Overall a masterpiece, if you take the time to truly feel his words.

Lastly, my personal favorite song of the entire album, “JupiterLove,” is ironically out of this world. The simplicity of the melody falsely lulls you into a sense of security. Your body relaxes, your eyes close, and the bass line becomes your heartbeat as the song envelopes you. Oddly the words compliment the beat instead of the beat complimenting the lyrics and  right as you think the song is ending, he blasts you with a taste of the Trey that I knew could not help but show his face on the album. I feel that this new Trey is just getting warmed up and there will be much more to come. Overall, the album was a huge success sporting amazing lyrics, out of this world music, and of course Mr. Trey Songz.