Aliyah Bah, commonly known throughout social media as @aliyahsinterlude1, is a Black influencer taking the digital world by storm. Aliyah started off her career showing off her creative, alternative fashion taste and style while also speaking on relatable opinions. Aliyah has become a social media socialite, creating her own aesthetic, and getting invited to high-fashion events. Aaliyah’s career may have just begun, but her influence in her short time in the social spotlight is iconic. She is short of becoming a celebrity and, eventually, a legend.

Throughout the Summer of 2022, Aliyah frequently posted on TikTok, showing off her unique outfits in every video. It was then when she began experimenting more with accessories and the practicality of fashion when people started taking notice. You watched as her style evolved more and more as she posted. Her page grew immensely in a matter of months, and the attention that she desired and manifested in her videos finally came to fruition.

With her outfits, Aliyah would often pair a single garner on her thigh, faux fur accessories, fishnets, platform shoes and lots of layers. Through these modifications, her fans dubbed her style #aliyahcore and the aestheticized movement was created.

While #aliyahcore was met with lots of positivity, with over 136.9M views under the hashtag, some were bound to be upset. Earlier this year, Aliyah was bombarded with criticism on how she was trying to coin a style that has already been around for decades. Some people felt as if Aaliyah was doing a disservice to individuals who previously popularized the style. These people were often shunned for wearing this kind of clothing and felt that she should not get credit for her aesthetic.

A TikTok creator, by the username @diaboliestlestum, stated in a video “Aaliyah core is just a mix of Y2K and the old scene and emo style from 2009” and “TikTok needs to stop commending it.”
With videos like @diaboliestlestum’s trying to trivialize the impact #aliyahcore has had, Aliyah herself made a video on Jan. 9 further explaining what #aliyahcore is and what it represents. In the video, she responded to a comment that a fan of her’s left under another creator’s video, stating that what the other creator was wearing was considered #aliyahcore, when it was in fact just a miniskirt and platform Demonia shoes.

Aliyah that it’s not okay to try and discredit #aliyahcore as a whole. “I understand that I’m not the first alternatively dressing Black woman, like, when did I ever say that,” she begins, “But what is revolutionary and new about #aliyahcore is that I take things from many different subsets of fashion and I make it into one simple genre or one simple aesthetic.”

She then went on to describe the different aesthetics she takes inspiration from, such as Japanese Harajuku fashion, Y2K fashion, etc. She continues that #aliyahcore is about “loving yourself out loud and being able to wear what you want without the fear of being perceived.”

So, while @diaboliestlestum was right about #aliyahcore’s inspiration, they failed to understand the true meaning behind #aliyahcore. They failed to recognize how Aliyah was able to take all of these niche aesthetics and turn them into one cohesive style that anyone can take part in.

Aliyah’s influence and social media presence has already granted her amazing career opportunities. During Fall Fashion Week 2023, which occurred from Feb. 10 – Feb. 15, Aliyah attended several big named events; this included the Concept Korea show and also closing for Mowalola’s Fall ‘23 ready-to-wear collection show as well.

Aliyah’s impact is taking her far.This is truly just the beginning of her career. Aliyah is easily one of the most remarkable fashion icons that TikTok has produced and her impact on her audience and people worldwide is just now beginning. With a following of 2.5 million, there’s no telling where Aliyah’s influence will take her, but I’ll be there watching the entire time.


Originally Published 3/9/23