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Student Media Hosts SBP/VP Debate

On Feb. 28, Student Media hosted the Student Body President debate. This year, there are two presidential candidates, Emma Carter, a third-year studying sociology and international relations, and Alex Obiol, a third-year studying textile engineering. Carter’s vice-presidential candidate is Nicole Teague, a third-year studying business administration. Obiol’s vice-presidential candidate is Lexie Malico, a third-year PhD student studying chemistry.

Who Will It Be For Wolfpack SBP?

Student Body Presidential Candidates Rusty Mau and Alanna Propst Discuss Their Positions on Diversity and Inclusion   Today at 6p.m. , Mau and Propst will participate in a presidential debate in Talley Ballroom. Earlier this...

Learning From Nixon

Chelsea Gardner | Staff Writer How Past Racial Tensions Will Shape Williams’ Presidency   Brian Nixon, N.C. State’s second African American Student Body President resigned from office in 1990, just one month before his...

SLAM the Vote!

  Kierra Leggett | Editor-in-Chief    First impressions are everything and from the...