“I’ve embraced Black History Month by pushing forward in my studies. I am one of the few Black Graphic Design majors in my studio class, so I make it known through my designs that I deserve to hold a place in the design community. I don’t see many Black designers, so I continue to learn and push myself in the field.”
– Abigail Harris

“Black History Month is always a good time to reflect not only on the historical growth of Black people worldwide but also a reminder to remember the hardships and struggles that Black people go through daily. It is both a time to celebrate Black excellency and mourn Black struggle, and as a non-Black POC, uplift the voices of my Black peers.”
– Billie Vicente

“The way that I have embraced this Black History Month is through my writing. My article for this issue centered around unpacking the misrepresented history of the Black experience within the film industry.”
– Leila Ganim

“I embrace Black History Month every month by living as my ancestor’s wildest dreams. I take the blessings they fought so hard to provide me with and work every day to ensure they do not go to waste.”
– Isaac Davis

“I have embraced Black History Month by consistently seeking more knowledge about Black people and how we have developed our cultures. Instead of looking at the negative things, I’ve aimed for the positive, like how ball culture was formed, the different types of traditional meals Black people make and why we began making them. I’ve sought Black joy while also understanding our pain, and it’s helped me garner an even deeper passion for my people.”
– Nadia Hargett

“I’ve embraced Black History month by creating a presentation on Black and marginalized Autistic traits and their embodiment. Black neurodiversity is under-researched, under-represented and scarcely talked about in Black communities; so I want to help me, my family, friends and peers learn, uplift and destigmatize and uplift Black neurodiversity.”
– Jelina-Jo Miller

“I have embraced Black History Month by furthering my knowledge of famous Black women in history, like Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker and Ida B. Wells-Barnett.”
– Shaere Delgiudice

By being Black.
– Milan Hall

“Black History Month highlights the importance of Black culture, Black queerness, Black art, Black music and well Black History. This month, I’ve furthered my knowledge on Queer Afro-Latinx icons within my community such as Coleman Domingo, MJ Rodriguez and Ariana DeBose among others. It is important to take this month to listen to, learn from and uplift the Black voices of your community, and not just this month.”
– Rebecca Hernández

“I have embraced Black History Month by learning more about Black History. For instance, did you know that Garret Morgan, an African American, in 1922 invented the traffic light? Or the fact that the feminist movement gained momentum because white women were upset that black men were able to vote before them?”
– Eleanor Saunders

I allowed myself to rest and reflect. I gave myself the space to slow down. I stopped and smelled the roses. I sometimes take for granted that I am in a position to live rather than simply survive. I embraced Black History Month by remembering that fact.”
– Jaz Bryant

“By embracing every part of who I am and standing proud in every aspect.”
– Ugonna Ezuma-Igwe


Originally Published 2/23/23