You People (2023)

Ugonna Ezuma-Igwe | Managing Editor

“You People” is a Netflix Original romantic comedy focused on an interfaith, intercultural and interracial couple, Amira and Ezra. The Director, Kenya Barris, co-wrote the film with Jonah Hill. The film depicts how they navigate their modern relationship: from start to marriage. Struggling with their families’ cultural and religious differences, societal expectations and generational gaps, Amira and Ezra are forced to ask themselves if their love will survive. Using cringe comedy and incisive humor, “You People” keeps viewers enthralled while pushing them to think critically as to why they’re laughing.


Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny (2022)

Leila Ganim | Correspondent

Un Verano Sin Ti takes its listeners on a journey through the process of meeting, loving and losing someone. Beginning with the song titled “Moscow Mule” and ending with the song titled “Callatia” the poet gives the audience a romantic narrative. The listener travels to a world of drinking and dancing to escape the state of yearning for the love once known by the poet. Bad Bunny blends traditional sounds of Puerto Rican salsa with modern tunes of the club scene to invent a new dawn in Latinx music. 2022 was indeed the year of Bad Bunny.


The Brothers (2001)

Alianna Kendall-Brooks | Correspondent

“The Brothers”, starring Shemar Moore, Morris Chestnut, D.L. Hughley and Bill Bellamy, follows the lives of four friends as they question love, marriage and commitment. Chaos ensues when Terry, played by Moore, announces that he is trading his bachelor lifestyle for marriage. His lifelong friends – Jackson, Brian and Derrick – oppose the impending nuptials in favor of avoiding commitment and playing the field. As the wedding approaches, the foundation of the foursome’s friendship is tested as they deal with the terrifying realities of life and love. “The Brothers” explores the comedic yet painful battle between the sexes as a bond based on an aversion to commitment is changed forever.


Give or Take  by Giveon (2022)

Eleanor Saunders | Staff Writer

Released on June 24, 2022, “Give or Take” by Giveon has something for every stage of love. Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and YouTube, listeners are taken through a wave of emotions as Giveon sings about wanting love, being in love, getting out of love and staying away from love. The indecisiveness of love in this album is its strong suit. Taking his listeners on an emotional roller coaster, Giveon uses rhythm and blues, along with soul music, to draw his listeners in and keep them hooked throughout the whole album.