This unsigned editorial is the opinion of the Nubian Message’s editorial board, and is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief. 

In his first letter from the editor, Tony Williamson stated, “The Nubian Message has been created to represent the African-American community at NCSU totally, truthfully, and faithfully. In doing so, we shall cover every aspect of African-American life at NCSU.”

With this statement, Tony confirmed the Nubian’s commitment to providing its readers with an accurate media representation of the African-American community at N.C. State. As that media voice, our job requires that we tell not only the good, but also the bad and the ugly.

As journalists, it is important to the Nubian Message staff that we hold our peers to the same fair and objective standards. As a publication, we understand that at times inaccuracies do occur— we ourselves are guilty and have made plenty of mistakes, despite our best efforts to serve this campus. We appreciate constructive criticism; in fact we welcome it and can attest that our peers do as well.

The Nubian Message staff firmly believes that “Until the Lion has his own historian, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” We regard ourselves as historians of the Lion’s Tale and therefore will protect it at all costs, even if at times, it means disagreeing with others in the pride.