CW: Death, COVID-19

NC State Administration: You have less than 48 hours to fix your shit before students return to on-campus housing. Your disregard for human life is simply irresponsible


We are tired of begging you to care about the wellbeing of your students, faculty, and staff so this will be brief. 


Last semester, COVID-19 was running through campus like a tomb raider. As North Carolina’s largest university, it is simply irresponsible for you to bring students back onto campus and hold in-person classes. Smaller institutions such as UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Charlotte, and Appalachian State have seen this risk and moved accordingly — but there have still been reports of clusters


There has already been a report of NC State’s first COVID cluster; move-in has not even started. According to YOUR website (as of January 11), there have been a total of 1,711 COVID positive NCSU related cases since March 13, 2020.  


There is no amount of pre-testing, covid kits, or any other precautions that will distract us from the fact that you are all putting our lives at risk. There is still a chance of contracting and spreading COVID-19 with the implementation of your “protocols.” You even admitted it yourself!


“Although NC State has instituted many reasonable practices in an attempt to lessen or reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19, NC State cannot guarantee that you will never be exposed to or get sick from the virus, and NC State cannot guarantee a COVID-19-free environment.”


It is simply irresponsible to place such a heavy burden on the Wolfpack community without giving us proper breaks or times to rest. Your “wellness” days will mean nothing if students are dead. You are endangering our lives. How many students will have to die before you make the right decision?


In August 2020 North Carolina averaged about 1,000 new cases each day and now, as of January 12th, North Carolina is averaging 8,900 new cases each day. It is simply irresponsible to have students return in these conditions. 


It is simply irresponsible for you to bring back students in the middle of a global pandemic and nationwide unrest without proving a proper plan. Inauguration day is less than a week away, yet you have not announced any kind of plan to ensure the safety of your students, faculty, and staff. Saying that the Wolf Alert system will be activated is not an actual plan. 


Learn how to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE. 


You say the strength of the wolf is the pack but how strong is a pack that has been murdered at the hands of your irresponsible administration?