Kai Anthony | Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again when you get those butterflies in your stomach. It’s time for the fellas to put on the pink polo with the white forces and for the ladies to put on that cute black mini dress. It’s the only day you’re expected to be bae’d up: Valentine’s Day. We got you covered on the perfect tunes to put love in the air. This playlist is perfect from start to finish for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, whether you’re taking your lover to The Cheesecake Factory, 1887 Bistro or just Netflix n’ chillin in the dorm.

1. At Your Best – Aaliyah

This is one of the few remakes that was far more popular than its predecessor. Aaliyah took the Isley Brothers ballad and made it her own. If you didn’t fall in love with Aaliyah and this classic in the 90’s , you fell in love with “New New” singing this to Rashad in the orange El Camino. It is only right we pay homage to our short lived legend with her taking the top of the list. Play this as you drop your date off, I promise you’ll be kissing at the door. R.I.P. Aaliyah.

2. She’s Mine – pt. 1 J. Cole

After a long awaited year, J. Cole blessed us this past December with “4 your eyez only.” In this ballad, J. Cole relates his friend’s love of his baby’s mother to his own wife, Melissa. We can relate to Cole’s narrative of opening up to his girl and finding someone who understands him and all of his demons.

3. Candy Girl – New Edition

New Edition, with the recent debut of their biopic on BET, is back on the scene and back in your ears. Spotify even paid homage to the group with their own Spotify playlist. This 80’s pop classic will help you express your sweet-as-candy love for your bae.

4. 21 Questions – 50 Cent

Make sure you play this when you’re in the droptop with your ride or die. Can your lover love you in the worst circumstances like on a bus or if you were locked up? A true measure of your love with your significant other could be gotten from asking them at least three of 50 Cent’s 21 questions. (Cautionary warning: don’t intentionally go broke or get locked up to see if bae was being honest.)

5. Loving You – Minnie Riperton

This 70’s throwback will take you back in time to when things were simple. This is perfect for a sunny Valentine’s Day picnic or a sweet candle lit dinner you may have prepared for your life partner. Even though many people remember loving you is easy because you’re beautiful, the lyrics to this song show you her feelings are much deeper than the surface.

6. Poetic Justice – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick’s hip-hop classic, with sampling from Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place,” is a dope selection for mixing up the Valentine’s Day vibe. This song has Kendrick’s laid back vibe accompanied by Drake’s always emotional description of his special ladies “assets.” It’s slow and sensual but still lets your baby know they mean the world to you.

7. Saving All My Love for You – Whitney Houston

Another legend we lost too early. Whitney has the perfect ballad to play for the perfect person. If you have to be apart from your boo for an extended period of time, play this song the night y’all meet up. Ladies please play this for your man so he knows it real.

8. Yo (Excuse Me Miss) – Chris Brown

This middle school classic will have you reminiscing of sliding across the gym floor trying to talk to your middle school crush.

9. I Like It – Debarge

The Debarge family truly showed out with this one. The smooth vocals of El Debarge accompanied by the genuinely adorable lyrics make this song a simplistic nod to your significant other.

10. 4ever – Lil’ Mo

Lil’ Mo’s career was short lived but this upbeat classic will have you and your boo thinking about tying the knot. Perfect for the ladies who want to drop the hint to their man or just any couple that can see themselves “4ever.”

11. Honorable Mention: Out Yo Way – Migos

This is for the culture.