Yet again, NC State has shown us their true colors. Their latest f*ck-up involves the deliberate oversight of a white supremacist within their own staff. On November 17, 2020, The Anonymous Comrades Collective released an investigative report with the intent to discover the identity of an online account affiliated with the “Proud Boy” movement. This account was responsible for releasing the personal information of multiple activists and protesters in the Portland and Asheville areas. 


The report was able to conclude (using metadata tracking) that the person responsible for this doxxing dump is Chadwick Jason Seagraves. Seagraves is an IT employee at NC State University. The Anonymous Comrades Collective was able to present reasonable evidence to prove that Seagraves is the user behind the Twitter account, @roostersghost, and the person who compiled the dox list. On January 11, 2020, NC State released a statement claiming that they could find no proof of Jason Seagrave’s actions and will not be pursuing any disciplinary actions. 


Many questions come to mind after reading the University’s statement… For real? Is it worms?? How many times do we have to go through this? Do they think we aren’t paying attention? Could they at least pretend to care about the well-being of their students? 


The students of NC State (especially Black students) have had to constantly demand change from an institution that could care less about our safety. The administration knows exactly the kind of danger they are putting their students in. They are not oblivious to our concerns. We have presented our problems time, after time, after time, after time, after time


What makes this case even worse is that they decided to announce this less than a week after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to inflict harm to elected officials.


This is more than just a mere instance of neglect. To say the university has just been “pretending to listen” would minimize the level of violence committed against students. Each time a problem arises, they listen, and then deliberately choose to act within their own self-interest. 


Keeping a member of the Proud Boys who actively engages in nazi rhetoric employed is a conscious choice that will clearly make students of color and LGBTQ+ folk feel unsafe within their own community. 


If there is anyone who believes the administration of NC State is not intently racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist and narrow-minded, they have not been paying attention. 


No institution built on the dispossession of Native Land, with a history of racist rallies and hosting bigoted public figures, could possibly claim to care about the marginalized groups within its community. 


NC State University actively abuses its students. These are not random and isolated mishaps by the administration. These are calculated attempts to invoke violence onto the more vulnerable groups of our community. 


Students are tired of not being taken seriously. If the University continues to treat them like this, they cannot be surprised when they are met with more protests and dissent.