Elikem’s Corner: Speak

Elikem’s Corner: Speak

Words, words, words

They never quite seem to make the jump from my brain to my mouth

The constant, running cycle

The nauseating, dizzying, star inducing cycle

Sometimes I can’t quite keep up

Fatigue consuming my body whole

Weakening my knees and dragging me to the ground 


As I sink into the dirt, I wonder 

“Is this all that’s left for me? Is this what’s meant for me?” 

This can’t be all that’s left for me

This can’t be what’s meant for me

This can’t be what was destined for me! 

Even if all I have left is this flesh and my name, there has to be more for me

This can’t be everything! 


So I write, write, write until my fingers bleed

Hoping that the sorrow and pain will finally flow freely and uncontrolled 

That I will finally know peace and be able to release these words from my brain 

That eventually they’ll make that jump from my brain to my mouth 

And until the breath leaves my body, I will write, write, write until I can’t anymore 

And one day I will speak


Elikem’s Corner, a series of poems from our Editor-In-Chief, Elikem Thee Poet. These poems give insight to a piece of her world; her own lived experiences and the experiences of people around her.

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