Untitled-6In honor of the Nubian Message celebrating 21 years of publication, our staff has compiled a list of 21 of the BIGGEST headlines in our publication history.

*In no particular order

21. A Legacy of Hate
Oct. 17, 2012
In recent years at N.C. State, hate-speech has been found written in the Free Expression Tunnel, revealing that discrimination still exists amongst “diversity,” and our “post-racial society.”

20. Students Question Appropriations at Sit-In
Oct. 26, 2004
200 African-American students participated in a sit-in to protest the decision of Student Senate’s appropriations. Out of the $40,000 awarded to student organizations in appropriations that year, African-American organizations were only given $755.

19. Black Panther Co-Founder Speaks to Students 
April 1, 2003

18. Bush: America’s Pimp
April 4, 2007

17. President Obama to Speak on Campus
Sept. 14, 2011

16. Dr. Lawrence Clark Passes Away
Jan. 25, 2012
Known as one of the pioneers of the African-American Cultural Center, Dr. Lawrence M. Clark passed away at the age of 78. He is also considered one of the founding fathers of the Peer Mentor Program, the African American Symposium, and other initiatives which are still a part of the University today.

15. Omega Psi Phi Honors
Feb. 24, 1994
The men of the Kappa Lambda chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. sponsored a celebratory banquet honoring the work of custodians and other University staff members, featuring Dr. Iyailu Moses as guest speaker.

14. Evers’ Killer Gets Convicted
Feb. 10, 1994

13. Dear Technician: Don’t Endorse the Hate
Nov. 2, 2011
Editor-Emeritus (2011-2012) CJ Guion wrote a letter to Technician in response to an editorial entitled “All Speech is Free Speech,” regarding vandalism and hate-speech found in the N.C. State GLBT Center. Guion disagrees with Technician staff, writing that hate speech is never acceptable, despite it being free speech.

12. New Name, New Purpose: Office for Diversity and African-American Affairs Changes Name
Aug. 29, 2008
The Office for Diversity and African-American Affairs experienced a name-change to the Office for Diversity and Inclusion in order to meet the cultural and social needs of students of various backgrounds. Now the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity aims to foster a successful cultural campus experience for all students.

11. State Loses Leader 
March 24, 1994
In 1994, Tony Williamson, the first Editor-in-Chief of the Nubian Message, passed away during his senior year as a result of health complications.

10. Africana Studies Faces an Uncertain Future
Oct. 2, 2003
The Multidisciplinary Studies Department (now the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies) was slated to be abolished, leaving the Africana Studies program without a fixture. The program and its professors would have been split amongst areas of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

9. No Charges in Emmett Till Killing
April 5, 2006

8. African-American Acceptance Rate at Historic Low 
Oct. 16, 2013

7. We’re Here to Stay!!!
March 10, 1994
After a trial run period of one year, the Nubian Message was unanimously voted to remain a permanent entity of N.C. State Student Media. In 2013, it celebrates its 21st year of publication.

6. First Black President: No Excuses
Nov. 12, 2008

5. Profiled? Student’s Shoes Laced with Controversy
Feb. 20, 2013
Freshman Justin Morrison accused Campus Police of racial profiling, after they detained him in the Atrium on Feb. 6 because of the $130 sneakers he was wearing.

4. African-American Cultural Center Celebrates 10 Years
Jan. 31, 2001

3. The Demonization of Trayvon Martin
March 28, 2012
Blatant attempts at demonizing Trayvon Martin’s character after his death, many believe, turned the case in George Zimmerman’s favor.

2. System of Injustice?
Sept. 28, 2011
The execution of Troy Davis caused public outrage, prompting discussion amongst students on racism and injustice within the legal system.

1. Pioneering Individuals: Paving the Way from 1956
Oct. 25, 2006
N.C. State commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first African-American undergraduates admitted to the University.