Elikem Dodor | Editor-In-Chief

In light of COVID-19, there have been several changes to the dining hall and other campus eatery locations. We’ve compiled the new information, separating dining halls and other eatery options. Information gathered from the Dining Website.  Be sure to check out our walkthrough video, available on our Instagram.

All Dining Halls

The waiting period between accessing meals has been extended from 30 minutes to one (1)  hour. Additionally, hand sanitizing stations are available in or near all dining locations.

Fountain Dining Hall

You can choose the more traditional dine-in options and be served on plates or the quick served to-go option in a reusable container. The options will be:

  • Home + Grill: Home-style plate, Grill option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Pasta: Home-style plate, Pasta option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Asian: Home-style plate, Asian style option, salad and fruit
  • Home + Sandwich Option: Home-style plate, Cold Sub or Wrap option, salad and fruit
  • Express Takeout option (made for convenience and quick service):
    • Home-style, Pasta, or Sub sandwich with a grab and go side salad or fruit option

You’ll also be able to get a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert. Limited seating will be available. Tent locations will be available nearby for overflow.

Clark Dining Hall

Proceed through the one-way line and select (1) service line. Options are:

  • Two home-style + grill options
  • Pasta + Pizza

You’ll also be able to get a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert. If the dining hall exceeds capacity guidelines, take out will be the only option.

Case Dining Hall

Case Dining Hall is the smallest of all dining halls and will be set up for the speed of service and safety. A predetermined meal box will be assembled for quick pickup. Customers will select from the following options:

  • Home-style meal
  • Hot off the Grill meal
  • A cold sandwich or salad entrée plate
  • All options will include a beverage, salad, fruit and/or dessert

Menus will be posted online and at the entrance. If the dining hall exceeds capacity guidelines, take out will be the only option.

Getting Utensils/Condiments/Cup

  • All utensils are pre-packaged and contain a fork, knife, spoon, napkin, and salt & pepper packets.
  • You will also get a single-use cup with a lid to fill with the beverage of your choice.

When you are Done:

  • Dishware: return to the dish accumulator.
  • Reusable container: empty it before returning it to the cashier.
  • Sanitize your hands on the way out.

Retail Restaurants

GrubHub only:

  • Port City Java (All Locations)
  • Starbucks (Talley)
  • Tuffy’s Diner (Talley)
  • Los Lobos (Talley)
  • Jason’s Deli (Talley)
  • One Earth (Talley)
  • 1887 Bistro (Talley)*
  • Chick-fil-A (Atrium)
  • Smoothie U (Atrium)

*1887 will accept meal credits during lunch and dinner.

Chick-fil-A Specific: 

  • Place your order through the App
  • Arrive at Chick-fil-A queuing line
  • Check-in as you pass the Grubhub kiosk and proceed forward through the line
  • Present your order number at the pick-up table and receive your order.


GrubHub + Touchless Payment:

  • Zen Blossom (Atrium)
  • Brickyard (Atrium)
  • Sushi with Gusto (Atrium)
  • Wolfpack to Go (Atrium)

Closed Until Further Notice:

  • State Club Restaurant (Park Alumni Center)
  • McKimmon Corner Cafe (will be replaced with vending machines)
  • Wolves Den Cafe (College of Vet Med)


Convenience Stores (C-Stores):

  • All convenience stores will have contactless payment
  • Bragaw C-Store, near Fountain Dining Hall, will pilot hot meal pick up using the meal credit program during dinner. Order and pick up through GrubHub
  • Talley Market will offer a basic menu using the meal credit program. Order and pick up through GrubHub.


Vending Machines:

  • Roughly 100 campus vending machines will include masks, hand sanitizer and gloves that can be purchased using dining dollars, All Campus, credit cards or cash. The price for a mask is $2.50 and for sanitizer is $3.50.