Hey lovely people!

So this issue is all about healthy sex. Sex communication, sexual health, healthy attitudes about sex and education about sexual health. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.

We got to talk to Dr. Kami Kosenko, a professor here at state who taught a special topics class on Sex Communication and does some pretty cool research on the topic. And right next to that, a valuable look at the meaning of sex positivity and how it applies to NC State. After that, you’ll find some interesting opinions, including an advice column by our new resident columnist, Sasha. She may be familiar from some of our childhoods, so I encourage you to give the back page a read.

Now, the real focus of our issue is being healthy about sex, whether you’re having it or not. It’s a way of thinking and responding to sex that we should be moving towards.

With all that being said, some people might wonder where the article on sexual assault is. To that, we answer, it’s not here, because this is a sex issue. Sex happens when consenting adults decide to participate in intimate, physical acts. The key word here is consenting. If there was no consent, that means there was no sex.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: sexual assault is not sex. It’s a crime. However, the Nubian Message does recognize how serious of an issue sexual assault is, and with April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we decided to highlight some on-campus events and provide a list of resources, both on and off campus.

Remember, healthy sex is sexy sex. We’re serious, don’t let the genitalia reminiscent fruit fool you. Keep it healthy, keep it sexy, and keep reading. You’re in for a treat.