What better way to express how you feel about someone but through anonymous replies on blogs from peers in your very own college or university. Juicy Campus, the hot new website where anyone is free to place personal gossip blogs about the activity and people on campus has caused quiet a bit of talk around North Carolina State University. Just recently introduced to the North Carolina State University college campus, it has caused some talk among the student body. As quoted by the Juicy Campus blog itself “This is the place to spill the juice about all the crazy stuff going on at your campus. It’s totally anonymous.”

Sadly, the posts on these websites have been far from positive as students leave anonymous replies about others placing negative labels one their peers that come off distasteful and disappointing. A large majority of the blogs discussĀ  who the promiscuous female students are on campus, the virgins, the nice guys and girls on campus, the cutest couples on campus and the list goes on and on. Although many of these topics mean well, after careful observation from not only North Carolina State University Campus blog but from other colleges as well, I can confidently say it is a place for students to humiliate and degrade other students for the simple fun of it. The pleasure one gets out participating in these ridiculous blogs is puzzling to me yet very appealing for the blog readers.
While some of these blogs may seem funny to some to others it may be hurtful and with such a large campus we should, as mature, young adults, try to encourage unity in every way possible on campus or face the harsh truth that we could be a campus divided. It may seem impossible to for any campus this big to escape the temptation to gossip about each other but ask me the purpose of this blog and I’ll get back to you because it would take me years to think of a logical and overall acceptable purpose for this particular website.
It confuses me to why anyone would want to spend even a millisecond of their time on a blog that has no purpose but to gossip about others business which in most cases is either false and/or inaccurate information to begin with. Those who have something to say and feel they must to turn to a blog to say it must know that there are other ways you can go about getting this information across campus. Not only do we have two school newspapers but we also as humans have mouths and therefore can speak. For those who resort to anonymous posting that merely spread insignificant and sometimes hurtful information about others says to me that their voice has been silenced and therefore they either are very immature or have no one who will listen to them on campus. Instead, I encourage you to write for the Nubian Message if you are one of these people, all jokes aside.