Since emerging from the mind of Tony Williamson 25 years ago, the Nubian Message has come such a long way. No matter how much progress we’ve made, we know that there’s always more growing to do. Everyone has a vision of where we want this paper to go, and how we want NC State to grow with us. Here are the visions of the Nubian Message Staff:


Keilah Davis
Keilah Davis, Managing Editor:

I want to come back to campus in 25 years and see that students of color feel supported by the university. I want offices that advance diversity and inclusion to be able to focus less on justifying their existence and more on creating a campus where all students can thrive. I hope the Nubian Message will continue connecting marginalized communities on campus and pushing NC State to be the best it can be.


Profile photo of Shawn Fredericks

Shawn Fredericks, Staff Writer:
25 years from now when I’m 47, I want to take my kids on a tour through the “old” Nubian office that is preserved like a museum piece and show them a bigger, state-of-the-art office. I want to introduce them to a passionate staff of all different perspectives that still makes the founding vision proud. Also, I want to see a Nubian Message podcast and a 30 for 30 type documentary film about the Nubian Message with me narrating like Morgan Freeman.


Kennysha Woods
Kennysha Woods,Staff Writer:

In 25 years, I see the Nubian building upon Tony Williamson’s vision of the paper. I see a smart, passionate staff that’s determined to represent the minority communities on campus to which, hopefully by then, NC State will actually pay attention.


Photo of Yesenia Jones, Correspondent

Yesenia Jones,Staff Writer:
Twenty-five years from now, I hope to see the Nubian Message continuing to provide a voice for traditionally underrepresented groups on campus and that NC state is a more diverse, accepting audience. By then I hope that the Nubian will be a recognizable source of news for the entire student body, faculty and the greater Raleigh area. I look forward to seeing new multimedia projects and fresh perspectives from the generations of Nubian Message staff to come.


Penny Lawrence headshot
Penny Lawrence, Staff Writer:

I can only imagine that in 25 years our staff will be a much bigger family with a lot of different voices and perspectives. We’ll get bigger and louder, and we’ll reach more people. I hope that no matter where you come from or what you look like, NC State will be the kind of place that you can call home and feel safe and appreciated.


Anahzsa Jones
Anahzsa Jones, Editor-In-Chief:
What I want most for the Nubian is for us to be able to take a step back and find that voice that made us so unique and clicked into our culture. And not just the black voice; I want there to be consistent Native, Latinx, Asian, Pacific-Islander, Middle-Eastern, LGBT perspectives, and every other possible race, ethnicity, or orientation. Because, contrary to the beliefs of people who simply don’t get us, our existence isn’t divisive. The Nubian is here to educate and celebrate the fact that yes, we are different, and it’s those differences that make us incredible. So, in 25 years, I want to see us still celebrating culture stronger than ever before.