To All My Nubian Brothers and Sisters – “What’s Up?”

Originally printed November 30th, 1992

Tony Williamson | The Founder and 1st Editor-in-Chief of the Nubian Message

I am proud to present to you the first issue of The Nubian Message, NCSU’s first African-American newspaper. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here and yes, we’re here to stay!

Despite the enthusiasm most of us have regarding the newspaper, there are many people, all different racial groups, who either do not understand the purpose of the newspaper, or are simply totally against it. Realizing that we can’t please everyone (nor will we ever attempt to), I hope that I can reach some of these people by explaining briefly the reasons for creating and the purposes of The Nubian Message.

As many people know, African American students across the country have been speaking out against what we feel to be unfair conditions on our campuses. At N.C. State, one of our main concerns has been unfair and unjust media coverage of the African American community on this campus. As hard as we have tried, our cries for justice have not been heard and our proposed solutions to our media problems have not been accepted thus far. Rather than sit around and wait for some fair coverage by that other paper on campus, The Nubian Message has been created to represent the African American community at NCSU totally, truthfully, and faithfully. In doing so, we shall cover every aspect of African-American life at NCSU.

The vision I have for this newspaper, which is shared by everyone involved with it, is ambitious, but not unrealistic. The Nubian Message should and will be the media voice for African – Americans at N.C. State. It will be a publication in which people can learn about different aspects of our culture, as well as find useful information about State’s campus. With the concentrated efforts of our people, this vision can become a reality very soon.

Finally, it is important that everyone realize that this newspaper is not a racist publication. We are not seeking superiority, nor segregation; all we want is an equal voice on this campus and with The Nubian Messagethe door is open for us to have that voice.