To All my Nubian Brothers and Sisters – Thank You

Hello lovely people!

There are few times in our lives when we get to say that we are truly part of something special, something bigger than ourselves that transcends time and space, life and death. But as part of the Nubian Message, I get to be part of the legacy left behind by Tony Williamson. It’s because of him that I have the honor and the privilege to be writing to and for you today.

Before we really start celebrating, let me put something in perspective here; the Nubian isn’t that old. We have grad students older than this paper. If the Nubian was a person, they’d be going to the club to celebrate being 25 tonight. That’s to say that the events that pushed the Nubian into being—the racism, ignorance, and bigotry—all of that happened recently. It wasn’t in the 50s nor the 60s, but in the 90s, after Dr. King had a dream, after Malcolm X dedicated himself to equality by any means necessary. The issues that sparked the Nubian’s conception should not have existed, and it’s because of those same issues that this paper shouldn’t have survived. But here we are, 25 years later, still reporting, still laughing in the office and still spreading our message.

So, this issue serves not only as an homage to the legacy of the Nubian, and therefore to Tony, but also as a celebration of 25 years of black excellence. In this issue, we look back at the history, the literal fire the Nubian was born from the ashes of. We celebrate the people who have helped us come this far and will help us go even further. So, thank you everyone who has contributed to the paper, be they Nubian writers, the faculty who helped us get and stay off the ground or all the readers who have ever picked up an issue. It’s because of you that the story of the hunt can be told from the lion’s point of view.

Love, now and forever,