Left: Jillian Smith, Nubian Message 2015-2016 Editor-in-Chief. Right: Stephanie Tate, Nubian Message 2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief


Hey Nubian Fam,

For me and I know for many of us, the Nubian Message is so much more than just a publication. The first time I walked into that office I was introduced to so many amazing people that expanded my view, not only of our campus, but of the world around us, and the many different experiences we have as people of color. The Nubian became a safe space where real, thoughtful conversations could take place. The many topics we’ve covered over the years are thought-provoking and even challenging at times, but also fun and culturally relevant. That’s what makes the Nubian so important to NC State– it serves as a reminder that people of color are a vital part of the campus community, and that so much would not exist without our contributions. It allows for cross-cultural connections and a diverse range of opinions that many some people may not have been exposed to without it. What we’ve written, and will continue to write for the Nubian, has given strength and a public voice to the African-American community on campus as well as many others. I truly hope it continues to serve as a beacon of cultural inclusion and understanding for years to come. Happy 25th anniversary to the Nubian Message!

Much love,

Jillian Smith


Hey family,

It definitely feels weird writing to you all again but for some reason I just can’t stay away. The Nubian Message has been an integral part of my college career and my experience as editor was truly life changing. The Nubian Message gave me a family during some of the loneliest and darkest times of my life. The Nubian Message gave me an outlet to grow and learn.

During my time as editor, I learned so much about myself and what it means to be an effective advocate for others. Since 1992, the Nubian Message has strived to be the voice of the African-American community. During my time on staff, I realized that being the voice encompassed a lot more than simply covering events. Being the voice for the community requires that the Nubian Message not only celebrates us when we’re winning but it also calls us out when we need to get our shit together. The Nubian Message is like the aunt that is always watching. She calls you out at Thanksgiving dinner but she shows up at your graduation with balloons and a check in hand.

Over time the Nubian has covered serious issues like voting, colorism and sexual assault. We’ve also covered fun issues like dating, dragging problematic celebrities and more. That is why I’m so grateful for the presence of the Nubian on our campus. Publications like the Nubian are important because they tell our stories. They speak to our truths and who better to do that than our peers? So, whether you’re heavily involved or just an occasional reader, I hope you’ll continue to support the Nubian Message as they do what they do best: represent your voice. Thank you, Nubian, for everything. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Happy 25th birthday!

Stay black and blessed,

Stephanie Tate